Patios and more in McKinney, Plano, and Allen, TX.


What comes with our patio services?

Copperhead Landscaping offers a quality patio service. First, we walk through your property to assess the options for your individual space. Once we learn about your unique needs for the patio, we can create a custom design. Then we will install the patio using pavers. Afterward, we discuss the best way to care for your new patio, coverage options, and cleaning. We can replace damaged pavers if you do not require a full install!

Why are patios a great investment?

Patios can upgrade the look of any outdoor living space. They can increase the property value and even make your home easier to sell if you are interested in that in the future. More importantly, patios provide a fantastic space for entertaining. In Texas, one can use their patio to host friends or family in the spring, summer, and fall! People

They can also help you to spend more time outside, even if you are not hosting guests! When you spend more time outdoors, there are several health benefits.
These include decreased stress and improved mood, both factors that affect your overall health. An upgraded patio can also help you take more pride in your home! So, in short, having a patio can help you to live longer and improve your property! A patio is never a bad investment!

Why pick Copperhead Landscaping?

Despite our business name, there is nothing snake-like about us! Here are some benefits to working with the Copperhead team:
We are licensed, insured, and reliable, leaving you no worries!
We are customer-focused while still providing and maintaining amazing quality services!

Our owner, Grant, leads copperhead Landscaping with over twelve years of experience!
Copperhead Landscaping offers special discounts for all our veterans and first responders!
Our staff here at Copperhead Landscaping are full of passion, integrity, and devotion to their craft.

So if you live in McKinney, Plano, Allen, or any of their surrounding areas, make sure you give Copperhead Landscaping a call today for all your patio needs! Make sure you look up our other services as well. We offer a variety of high-quality
outdoor solutions that can upgrade the look of any space!

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